Faculty at Mercyhurst Prep are more than teachers; they are mentors, empathetic leaders, experts in their field, and day-to-day reflections of what it means to live life in the spirit of the Mercy charism. This unique combination of values and professional exceptionalism sets Mercyhurst Prep apart from all area schools.

With more than 1,000 years of teaching experience, our faculty is exceedingly qualified to prepare area youth for life beyond high school. More than 800 of those years of experience are tallied in the halls of Mercyhurst Prep; our faculty is passionate about its calling to guide young Lakers to become the best persons they can be.

Many MPS teachers bring their global experiences to our classrooms from extensive travels across the globe to places like South America, Europe, Japan, China, Italy, Ireland and Israel, to name a few.

Our faculty is the heart of the MPS family. It is not unusual to find MPS teachers making themselves available to students early, late and on the weekends.   They pride themselves on understanding each student’s individual needs and tailoring their approach to ensure that each Laker is learning at his highest potential.

We are proud that many of our faculty members are coaches, club advisors, and leaders in their communities.

“I have been a French teacher at Seneca High School for 8 years. My experience at Mercyhurst Prep was certainly wonderful, and my husband (a 1999 graduate) and I plan on sending Liam there in 10 years. Many teachers at MPS, including Kathy Donovan, Mary Marsh, Art Martone, Sue Rounsley, Peg Aste, Doug Bakka, and Mr. Healey (to name a few) were incredibly supportive of me both as a student and as an individual, and in their own ways, they have all inspired me in my own teaching. I have also been the advisor of Seneca’s chapter of National Honor Society for the past three years, and I have used many of my memories of NHS at Mercyhurst as well as the general commitment to service in making Seneca’s NHS a more active, service-oriented organization.”
Arete Moodey Calabrese, MPS '98