Visual Arts

At Mercyhurst Prep we pride ourselves on the success of our renowned Creative Arts Department, comprised of the Visual Arts Department and the Performing Arts Department. The MPS tradition of nurturing each student’s appreciation for music, visual and performing arts is the ever-present essence of our school beginning with the region’s largest outdoor mural adorning the front façade of our school to our hallways.

Students can participate in studio arts, dance, music, photography, and theater. Mercyhurst Prep offers 49 courses in the performing and visual arts, and the arts faculty is comprised of active award-winning artists who are regularly engaged in exhibiting, performing, and teaching in the community.

The arts provide one of the essential and basic languages that extends the range of communication.  Such expression is a central force in human existence. Literacy in the arts for all students centers on the idea that each of the arts functions as a tool for creative expression as well as for the development of higher order thinking and problem solving skills.


Creative Arts Gallery


“The Mercyhurst Prep Performing Arts program is a family from which no one is turned away. It cultivates an environment where individuals are encouraged to explore their unique gifts and creativity. You have opportunities to learn about yourself and others while working in pursuit of a common goal. With dedication, care, and good humor, the MPS family presents not only performances full of talent, but full of heart.”
Jillian Johannes ‘13
“At a time when many schools are choosing to cut their music and arts programs, Mercyhurst Prep continues to value the creative arts as an important part of their unparalleled preparation for life. I truly believe that the arts help to create a more well rounded student whether or not s/he plans to major in a creative arts field. I am so grateful to MPS for supporting these programs, including providing top quality teachers, a wide variety of classes, and state of the art equipment. Both of my children have been able to not only flourish in the arts programs at MPS, but have received credit for taking music and art classes as part of the International Baccalaureate program.”
Pam Magerle