Admissions Policy

Mercyhurst Preparatory School is a co-educational private Catholic school in Erie that admits students of any race, creed, color, or national origin without discrimination. When any student applies for admission to Mercyhurst Preparatory School, every effort is made to determine whether the school offers an educational program which will allow that student to develop in all ways:  intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically.  The school will accept students with disabilities, if with reasonable accommodations the individual can perform the tasks necessary to succeed.

Deadline approaching fast – March 1, 2021

Have a question about our admissions process? Please contact Mrs. Marcia DiTullio, our admissions director, at 814.824.2323 or by email.

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Please be sure to read about our admissions standards below.

Deadline approaching fast – March 1, 2021

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Deadline approaching fast – March 1, 2021

MPS Need-Based Financial Aid

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Admissions Standards

Practical limitations due to resources and logistics make it impossible to accept all applicants. Therefore, the process outlined below is followed in an effort to ensure fair standards for admission.

All applicants to MPS are asked to submit grade reports from previous years, any standardized test scores, attendance records, health records and proof of required PA immunizations, and results of any educational or psychological testing performed.  Families are also asked to disclose the disciplinary history of the student.  Students with serious disciplinary issues at their current or previous school or with civil authorities may be denied acceptance on that basis.

A counselor from Mercyhurst Prep meets with current or previous teachers of applicants to ninth grade to review applications whenever possible.  Applicants to grade nine also sit for a placement test that reports both cognitive and achievement scores.

All of the above information is combined with counselor and principal’s knowledge of the MPS curriculum and past performance of the prospective student to reach a decision.  At this point in the process, the applicant can be:

  • Accepted Outright for placement at Mercyhurst Preparatory School
  • Not Accepted for placement
  • Accepted Conditionally for placement (based upon acceptable performance in summer school classes and in the freshman year at Mercyhurst Prep)

A final decision can also be postponed until further grade/performance reports become available.

Students applying for a transfer into the 10th and 11th grades follow the same pattern with the exception of the placement test. When further information is needed to reach a decision, the principal or guidance counselor from the applicant’s current school is contacted.  Mercyhurst Prep generally accepts 12th grade transfer students only if they are transferring from a school from outside of the Erie area or in situations that bring unique considerations.