Aura Scholarship 2.0

The AURA Scholarship 2.0 is the continuation of a very successful program that has provided full financial support (tuition, books, and fees) for the four-year education of ten young Latina women, one incoming freshman per year. The recipients were selected from eligible applicants through an interview process. The scholarship gets its name from one of the original donors whose mother was named Aura.

They wanted to see young Latina women have the opportunity to attend MPS, believing that it would make a big difference in their lives. They provided the seed money and with the support of the Sisters of Mercy, it was leveraged with additional donors to provide the full scholarships. The last of these Aura scholars is finishing her sophomore year at MPS.

The young ladies are invited to gather with their families each year at MPS for a special breakfast with the scholarship founders, and with MPS administration and staff who are very involved in their education. The stories of the profound change in their lives bring tears to our eyes every time. One of the Aura graduates proudly arrived at this year’s breakfast in her nurse’s uniform before heading off to her new job at a local hospital. Several of the Aura graduates are studying for medical careers. An unexpected and profound result of the scholarship is that the recipients, past and current, have formed a kind of sisterhood – truly supporting each other in an environment that was for many of them, very different from what they were used to.

Now, these same donors are ready to see this program continue, this time addressing a different at-risk segment of the population.  In light of recent publicity about Erie being among the worst place for an African American male to thrive, the Aura Scholarship 2.0 will provide 10 full 4-year scholarships, (one new scholarship beginning each year), for African American males with an interest in math and science. The same donors have provided the seed money, and have asked MPS and its family to join with them to make these 10 scholarships a reality.

Several donors have already said yes to providing a full four-year scholarship for one of the young men. Would you consider doing the same? Perhaps you can cover a portion of a scholarship. A one-time donation of any amount would be extremely helpful as well.

We have seen these scholarships change lives and are making the program a top priority.

If you can participate, you can make your donation here.

If you would like more information, please contact Lisa Nietupski at

Thank you!