MPS 2019-20 Cheerleading Team
The Mercyhurst Prep cheerleading team, coached by Tina Asmus, is Marked by Pride and Spirit at the highest levels. Our Lady Laker cheerleaders have two very distinct functions: supporting other MPS teams with spirit-filled cheering during games as well as competing in regional, district, and state competitions. The support they lend during games is invaluable to leading our athletes to victory and the championships they earn on their own merit continue to bring MPS to the highest levels. Come display your enthusiasm, athleticism and talents as an MPS cheerleader!

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First Name Last Name Grade
Lydia Langford-Tyler 11
Avery Stevens 11
DaYauna Wilcott 11
Ashlee Bansidhar 10
Sarah Burhenn 10
Haley Willis 12
Alexi Herring 10
Grace Knopfel 10
Hannah Petrone 10
Kendra Crane 9
Gianna Dobrich 9
Mia Larkin 9
Anastasia McClure 9
Shelby Porter 9
Sophia Presler 9
Julia Simpson 9


Tina AsmusHead Coach
Cassie FordAssistant Coach