MPS College Connections & Articulation Agreements

Partnerships in Mercy: Mercyhurst University & Mercyhurst Preparatory School

Opportunities for MPS Students and Employees

Mercyhurst University and Mercyhurst Preparatory School share a celebrated history of education and entrepreneurship, dating back more than 90 years. Since the founding of Mercyhurst, our institutions have held service and hospitality at the heart of our missions, recognizing the dignity of all people, championing inclusion, and providing quality educational experiences for the 21st century. With this in mind, Mercyhurst University is pleased to offer the following partnership opportunities:

Accelerated Scholars Program

Designed for high-achieving high school juniors, the Accelerated Scholars Program provides students the opportunity to earn a semester’s worth of college credits by taking authentic Mercyhurst University courses during their junior and senior years in high school.

Students enroll in online Mercyhurst courses taught exclusively by esteemed faculty, earn transferrable college credits, and make modest monthly payments automatically charged to a credit or debit card. In addition, the credits may be eligible for dual enrollment at the student’s high school. Finally, students who later enroll at Mercyhurst will be eligible for a scholarship that effectively covers the costs associated with Accelerated Scholars. This means students can complete an entire semester of coursework before ever setting foot on campus while paying less for a college degree.

Guaranteed Admission & Scholarships

Admission to Mercyhurst University is guaranteed for Mercyhurst Prep students who meet certain GPA and application requirements. Mercyhurst University will also expedite application review for Mercyhurst Prep students, and release their admissions decisions in just a few weeks.

Mercyhurst Prep students who are admitted to Mercyhurst University and have a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher will receive a $23,000 Mercy Legacy Scholarship, a $1,000 Diocese of Erie Scholarship, and a $1,000 Sisters of Mercy Award. These awards are renewable for four years, provided the student continues to make satisfactory academic progress and meet eligibility requirements. In addition, students who reside in Erie County, Pennsylvania, and choose to live on campus are eligible for a $2,500 Erie County housing grant.

Students from families with demonstrated financial need may be eligible for additional sources of financial assistance.

Dual Enrollment