About the Department


The English curriculum provides a comprehensive program of studies in the areas of literature, vocabulary, grammar, composition, oratory, and study skills. Students will become proficient in expressing themselves through a wide variety of expository and creative writing assignments and speech activities. Students will begin the study of literature with a genre format as freshmen and continue their sophomore and junior years of study using a chronological approach to American then British literature, concluding their senior studies with an overview of World Literature. The department strives to encompass the study of language and literature for both creative and functional purposes.

About the Department Chair

Mrs. Nicole Wojciechowski
Mrs. Nicole WojciechowskiChair, English; Curriculum Advisor
  • B.A. from Ohio Northern University in English and theater performance (minors in philosophy, political science)
  • Master’s work in theater history and criticism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Secondary English certification from Mercyhurst College
  • Member of the National Council of Teachers of English
  • 16 years at Mercyhurst Prep

Department Teaching Staff

Mrs. Samantha Butler
Mrs. Samantha ButlerEnglish
Mrs. Megan Fluegel
Mrs. Megan FluegelEnglish
Mr. Michael Miele
Mr. Michael MieleEnglish
Mrs. Deborah Swanson
Mrs. Deborah SwansonEnglish
Ms. Bridget Whalen
Ms. Bridget WhalenEnglish