Faculty at Mercyhurst Prep are more than teachers; they are mentors, empathetic leaders, experts in their field, and day-to-day reflections of what it means to live life in the spirit of the Mercy charism. This unique combination of values and professional exceptionalism sets Mercyhurst Prep apart from all area schools.

With more than 1,000 years of teaching experience, our faculty is exceedingly qualified to prepare area youth for life beyond high school. More than 800 of those years of experience are tallied in the halls of Mercyhurst Prep; our faculty is passionate about its calling to guide young Lakers to become the best persons they can be.

Many MPS teachers bring their global experiences to our classrooms from extensive travels across the globe to places like South America, Europe, Japan, China, Italy, Ireland and Israel, to name a few.

Our faculty is the heart of the MPS family. It is not unusual to find MPS teachers making themselves available to students early, late and on the weekends. They pride themselves on understanding each student’s individual needs and tailoring their approach to ensure that each Laker is learning at his highest potential.

We are proud that many of our faculty members are coaches, club advisors, and leaders in their communities.

Faculty Directory

You can view our faculty directory by department or alphabetically:

MPS faculty members listed by department:

English Department
Mrs. Nicole Wojciechowski [chair] nwojciechowski@mpslakers.com Mr. Michael Miele mmiele@mpslakers.com
Ms. Samantha Butler sbutler@mpslakers.com Mrs. Deborah Swanson dswanson@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Megan Fluegel mfluegel@mpslakers.com Ms. Bridget Whalen bwhalen@mpslakers.com
Math Department
Mrs. Paula Allshouse [chair] pallshouse@mpslakers.com Ms. Karley Fitzgerald kfitzgerald@mpslakers.com
Ms. Ashley Adamus aadamus@mpslakers.com Mrs. Jennifer Ott jott@mpslakers.com
Ms. Katrin Ayrapetov kayrapetov@mpslakers.com Mrs. MaryBeth Whitford mbwhitford@mpslakers.com
Performing Arts Department
Mr. Arthur Martone [chair] amartone@mpslakers.com Mr. Michael Miele mmiele@mpslakers.com
Miss Kara Grisé kgrise@mpslakers.com Mr. David Mitchell dmitchell@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Maryanne Mager-Dombrowski mmagerd@mpslakers.com    
Physical Education Department
Mr. Kirk Skelton [chair] kskelton@mpslakers.com Mr. Richard Krafty rkrafty@mpslakers.com
Science Department
Mrs. Jane Fisher [chair] jfisher@mpslakers.com Mr. Matthew Esmond mesmond@mpslakers.com
Miss Sarah Gdaniec sgdaniec@mpslakers.com Mrs. Ashley Griffith agriffith@mpslakers.com
Ms. Kathryn Swanson kswanson@mpslakers.com Mrs. Theresa Wyman twyman@mpslakers.com
Social Studies Department
Mr. Doug Bakka [chair] dbakka@mpslakers.com Dr. Jamie Borowicz jborowicz@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Nicole Brugger nbrugger@mpslakers.com Mr. Seth Hartmann shartmann@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Deborah Kooser dkooser@mpslakers.com Mr. Ryan Maloney rmaloney@mpslakers.com
Mr. Arthur Martone amartone@mpslakers.com    
Technology Department
Mr. Sean Baer [chair] sbaer@mpslakers.com Ms. Kristin Lynch klynch@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Teresa Corso tcorso@mpslakers.com Mr. Charles Stachera cstachera@mpslakers.com
Miss Kara Grisé kgrise@mpslakers.com    
Theology Department
Deacon Matthew Ochalek [chair] mochalek@mpslakers.com Mrs. Anne Osborn aosborn@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Mary Anne Francis mafrancis@mpslakers.com Mrs. Hannah Tatar htatar@mpslakers.com
Mr. Michael Miller mmiller@mpslakers.com    
Visual Arts Department
Dr. Jamie Borowicz [chair] jborowicz@mpslakers.com Ms. Bridget Allen ballen@mpslakers.com
Ms. Emily Campbell ecampbell@mpslakers.com Mr. David Schroeck dschroeck@mpslakers.com
World Languages Department
Mrs. Cindy Comstock [chair] ccomstock@mpslakers.com Mrs. Daniela Vassileva dvassileva@mpslakers.com
Ms. Jacqueline Cavicchio jcavicchio@mpslakers.com Ms. Ameliarose Wagner awagner@mpslakers.com
Mrs. Regina Ranney rranney@mpslakers.com    

MPS faculty members listed alphabetically: