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Passing Laker Life on to a student who could benefit from a Mercyhurst Prep education through the Mercyhurst Prep Fund is one of the best ways you can help change young lives. The MP Fund provides scholarships, financial aid and vital programs to make an outstanding Mercy education available to an increasing number of deserving students.

Named Scholarships

You can add to an established scholarship or create one in honor of, or in memory of a particular individual, graduating class, or cause. A fund of $25,000 or more can become endowed. This allows the scholarship to live on virtually forever, with the scholarship award generated from the interest earned.

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ADRIA STALSKY SCHOLARSHIP Adria Stalsky, Class of 1990, was involved in all aspects of the creative arts at MPS.  Her battle with brain cancer while at Mercyhurst Prep, and then at Mercyhurst College, was fought with tremendous will and spirit. This scholarship is given in her memory to a freshman who is very interested in the arts and who exemplifies a strong sense of creative individuality and a desire to share his or her talents with others.

ANN CUZZOLA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is in memory of Ann Ciacchini Cuzzola, a beloved former Mercyhurst Prep Guidance Counselor, who passed away in 2016. An initial award is to be made to an incoming MPS freshman identified by MPS as needing financial assistance, with the award following that student throughout their four years at MPS, as long as the student remains academically and financially qualified.

AURA II SCHOLARSHIP The AURA II Scholarship provides full financial support (tuition, books, and fees) for the four-year education of selected students who meet specific underserved criteria and have the potential and intention to attend college. The scholarship is to provide a Mercy education to those most in need in Erie.

BECKY FLAHERTY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Rebecca Crandall Flaherty passed away in July of 2012 after struggling with illness.  Mrs. Flaherty spent the last 10 years of her nearly 30-year education career as the freshman guidance counselor at Mercyhurst Prep.  She was an effective advocate for her students and went above and beyond in supporting them through tough times. Caring MPS parents initiated this scholarship in Becky’s name and spirit. It is awarded to a student recommended by the counseling staff who has demonstrated resilience by courageously dealing with personal, situational, or health difficulties.

CLASS OF 1967 SCHOLARSHIP The Class of 1967 Scholarship was established in 2008 by caring members of the class and is awarded annually to a student in financial need to offset tuition expenses.

CLASS OF 1969 SCHOLARSHIP The Class of 1969 Scholarship was established in 2012 by caring members of the class and is awarded to a female student in financial need and in good academic standing.

DANIEL F. ALESSI SCHOLARSHIP Daniel F. Alessi, father of ’05 MPS grad Mary Alessi, passed away at a young age.  Mary and her mother, Kathleen, established this scholarship in his memory, to be awarded annually to a student who has a passion for the visual arts.

DONALD ALBERSTADT SCHOLARSHIP Don Alberstadt was a 1978 MPS graduate, described as a natural-born leader who loved life, and was loyal to family, friends, and school.  He never lost his upbeat spirit and was always a joy to talk with.  This scholarship was established in 2004 by his wife in his loving memory and awarded to a student with financial need and a proven commitment of service to the community.

ED AND MARY WOJKIELEWICZ SCHOLARSHIP The Ed and Mary Wojkielewicz Scholarship is given to a junior boy and girl who graduated from St. Luke School and excels in math at MPS.

FR. MIKE ALLISON SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is in memory of Fr. Mike Allison. In his years as MPS Chaplain and faculty member, from 1999 through 2011, Fr. Mike often helped students in need pastorally and at times financially, helping with their tuition. It is in that spirit that the Fr. Mike Allison Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to help “carry a student” whose family finds themselves in need.

HEIBEL FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP The Heibel family scholarship was established to honor Sister Gregory Heibel, an alumna and former faculty member of our school, as well as her brothers, Herman and Edward.  This award is given to students who excel in science and in the core values that make up the charism of the Sisters of Mercy.

JAMES B. AND MARGARET Q. DWYER SCHOLARSHIPS The Dwyer family created this scholarship in 1999 in honor of Margaret Quinn Dwyer, a 1938 graduate of Mercyhurst Seminary, which eventually became Mercyhurst Prep.  Both Margaret and her husband James have since passed away.  In their memory, it is now the James B. & Margaret Q. Dwyer scholarship fund.  The scholarships recognize sophomore students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a true commitment to service.

JEAN HALL WILSON SULLY SCHOLARSHIP Each year the family of Jean Hall Wilson Sully, Class of 1936, has awarded a scholarship to honor the memories of Jean and her mother, Ruth Moomy Hall.  The scholarship is given to a female student who has completed freshman year at MPS, demonstrated responsibility, and participated in service to the school.

JESSE EDWARDS-BOROWICZ MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is awarded in memory of Jesse Edwards-Borowicz, a much-loved young student who passed away in 2013.  The recipient of this scholarship, a current junior with a special interest in the visual and/or performing arts, has been nominated by the chairs of the visual and performing arts departments.

JOAN O’CONNOR KELLY SCHOLARSHIP The William Kelly family established a scholarship to honor Mrs. Joan P. O’Connor Kelly, an alumna of Mercyhurst Seminary Class of 1950.  This scholarship is awarded in her memory to a female student with a solid academic record.

JUDITH LEONE REED MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Judith Leone Reed, Mercyhurst Seminary class of 1956, passed away in 2018. She thoughtfully remembered MPS in her will so that her support would benefit deserving students in perpetuity. Her bequest is in memory of Sister Jean Marie Sullivan, RSM, “who was the principal and my forgiving Latin teacher,” to fund scholarships for students with serious economic needs. As per Judy’s wishes, the fund will provide scholarships for students with serious economic needs.

KATHERINE SHERIFF SCHOLARSHIP The scholarship was established in 2003 in Katie’s memory. Katie was one of 13 young adults killed in the Chicago porch collapse in June 2003. The scholarship benefits sophomore and junior girls at Mercyhurst Prep and provides the financial means for them to study abroad.

KATRINA QUINN WESCHLER SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship is awarded to a student in financial need, in memory of Katrina Quinn Weschler, who was a member of the Mercyhurst Seminary Class of 1940.  Mrs. Weschler passed away in 2013.  The scholarship was established by her late husband, Vice Admiral of the US Navy Tom Weschler.

MARTHA & BILL HILBERT SR. SCHOLARSHIP The Martha & Bill Hilbert Sr. Scholarship is awarded to a student in good academic standing whose family has endured recent hardships.  The scholarship is awarded privately and will help make it possible for the recipient to continue their education at MPS.

PAUL YOCULAN SR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship, established by the Yoculan family, remembers Paul Yoculan Sr., a dear friend of Mercyhurst Preparatory School and a valued coach who passed away in 2019.  The award will be made to a well-rounded student in need of financial assistance.

SEMINARY SCHOLARSHIP An anonymous alumna established this scholarship through her generosity and desire to help current and future MPS students. The scholarship provides assistance “to help make dreams come true” for students with a strong desire to attend MPS.

SHAYNA STEFANIK SCHOLARSHIP 2004 MPS graduate Shayna Stefanik was a beautiful and well-loved student known for, among many things, her talent in dancing.  Tragically, she died in a car accident on a return trip from Pittsburgh where she was about to begin school at Point Park College.  Because of her love for dance and in her memory, her family created this scholarship to benefit a sophomore or junior who has a strong passion to dance at the next level.

JEAN MARIE SULLIVAN SCHOLARSHIP Betsy Schnatter Guelcher, along with her 1954 MPS classmates, established this scholarship to honor the memory of their principal, Sister Jean Marie Sullivan.  It is offered to a deserving student who meets the established criteria and has the ability to succeed academically at MPS.

SYLVIA D. SWARTZFAGER SCHOLARSHIP Sylvia D. Swartzfager was a dear friend of Mercyhurst Prep and a valued member of our faculty, who passed away in October 2013.  The award is made to deserving students with a special interest or talent in math.

WHALEN – PILOT SCHOLARSHIP The Whalen-Pilot scholarship in memory of Genevieve C. and Francis L. Whalen is awarded to an MPS student with financial need.