I Am a Laker


What is a Laker?

Nearly 8,000 worldwide, Mercyhurst Prep alumni are confident, connected and humane leaders who succeed at the nation’s top colleges and universities and then launch into phenomenal careers. Lakers are all Marked by Pride & Spirit.

To our students, the spirit of being Laker means that their unique interests and talents are embraced, encouraged and respected by a welcoming, compassionate MPS community with a keen focus on academic success.

The pride and spirit of a Laker remains as alive today as it was from our very founding in 1926 because the Mercy charism is woven into every facet of the school. It is found in our words, our actions, our symbols. It’s in the Laker air: hospitality, compassionate presence, service, justice and respect for the dignity of all persons. It is what a Laker is.

A Laker shows concern for the dignity of all others and learns the charism of Mercy through the examples set by the faculty, administrators, coaches, classmates and parents in the Mercyhurst Prep community.

A Laker acts to promote justice and shows compassion in words and actions. A Laker is curious: he seeks integrity in his work and lives by sound moral principals.   A Laker succeeds because he has developed a wholeness of being and his own identity among his peers.

A Laker values relationships and friendships born on the Hill and carried throughout life after MPS. A Laker competes beyond high school at a higher level because he has developed a strong knowledge base of content, skill, tools and methodologies. He is disciplined, globally connected and, through a guided exploration of faith, spirituality and morality, he is committed to leading an honorable life Marked by Pride & Spirit.

A Laker is an entrepreneur, a writer, a mentor, an architect, a coach, a teacher, a Sister of Mercy, an artist, a volunteer, an alumnus, a musician, a doctor, an engineer, a dancer, a mayor, a priest, an actor, an athlete, a neighbor, a friend, a community member. Are you a Laker?