Laker Traditions

Our traditions are an important part of the MPS experience, and these special days create wonderful memories for every Laker. Years after graduation, our alumni still fondly remember the fun of Laker Day, Touch of Class Day, and their first experiences as a Laker during Freshman Welcome Week. Many of our alumni are just as excited once their own children are able to enjoy these traditions as well!

Laker Day

MPS Laker Day is the heart of Laker tradition and spirit. The day each year when freshmen sport yellow, sophomores don red, juniors proudly display orange and seniors lead the school in blue. With the entire student body set for competition, this community of colors creates an atmosphere of excitement you will not find in another school gym. Laker Day is the day to celebrate your Laker Pride and have a ton of fun!

Touch of Class Day

Not all learning at Mercyhurst Prep happens in the classroom. Each Spring A Touch of Class Day is a long-time and eagerly anticipated tradition. Students, teachers, and staff step up the dress code a bit and wear something formal to enjoy the performance of talented members of our Mercyhurst Prep community.

Freshman Welcome Week

Freshman Welcome Week is a very special fall tradition at Mercyhurst Preparatory School. Seniors welcome the new freshman class with various events. Seniors (blue paint) and freshmen (yellow paint) applying their handprints to a special canvas. Other events include liturgy, civility breakfast, freshman retreat, kickball, special lunchtime giveaways, senior and freshman t-shirts. To end this week of fun and comradery, the senior class hosts a welcome picnic for the freshman class.