Dominic Notarione ’99

Dominic Notarione ’99 is quite the adventurer. His life after Mercyhurst Prep has been exciting and exhilarating to say the least.

He went to Penn State University on an Army ROTC scholarship. After graduating, Dom spent five years as an active duty officer in the Army. Two and half of those years were spent in Baghdad, Iraq, where he and his team were awarded a Bronze Star for building the largest flight following network in theater at that time. In 2009 he left the Army as a captain and went on to work in the Naval Nuclear IT field here in the US and in England for a few years. He has been back in Pittsburgh, PA, since 2013 working at the Naval Nuclear Lab. He manages an IT organization that builds Simulation trainers to train Navy Sailors how to operate the nuclear reactor power plants on their submarines and aircraft carriers. He also started a Real Estate Investing company in July of 2018 with his girlfriend, Sue. Since the start, they have bought, renovated or are currently renovating, and operated $1.4 million in properties. He plans to make this full time within a few years.

Aside from all the success in his career, he keeps active and busy outside of work, too. Within the last two years he has completed two major climbs, neither of which he felt were overly strenuous, hiking 7-8 miles a day. In 2018 Dom and a friend took a trip to Nepal where they spent 13 days trekking from Lukla (9,383′) to Gokyo Lakes (16,400′) then over Cho La Pass (17,782′) to Kala Patar and Everest Base Camp (17,600′). He said, “That was probably the most amazing hike I’ve ever done and couldn’t possibly recommend it more!  Around every turn there was another grouping of snowcapped monstrous mountains as far as you could see.” Then, in 2019, he and another friend climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. This was a 6-day trek to the top and back. They began in a tropical rain forest, hiked through a high desert, and ended up traversing the three glaciers at the summit. Dom said, “On summit day we left at midnight and climbed the 9 hours to Uhuru Peak in 20 degree temperatures with 20-30 mph winds.  Our guides made it seem like it was pretty normal, but after we summited and were on our way back down, they were laughing about how ridiculous the weather was this time.”

Some other fun facts about what Dom has accomplished are he keeps in shape by running and playing soccer, softball, and golf, and he snowboards. In his life, he has completed over 50 marathons and half marathons all over the world. He is an alpine ski patroller at Seven Springs. He lived and worked on three continents for over two years each and has traveled to every continent besides Antarctica. He met his goal of visiting 40 US states by the time he was 40 years old; he just has New Mexico and Alaska left. We can’t wait to hear about Dom’s next adventure.