Gregory Guelcher ’81

Gregory Guelcher ’81, PhD, is the 2019 recipient of the Sharon Walker Faculty Excellence Award at Morningside College. This is the third time Greg has won this award, receiving it the very first year that the award was introduced in 2003, then again in 2008, and now for a third time. Candidates can apply for the award every three years. The award is based upon the accomplishments and activities of a faculty member during the previous academic year, and they must demonstrate excellence in four categories: teaching, advising, scholarship, and service. These factors are looked at in relation to both within the college setting and outside, in the rest of the community as well. It is very competitive, and a team of outside evaluators chooses the winners following a lengthy application process. Greg has been teaching at Morningside since 1996. He is currently a Professor of History and serves as Chair of the Graduate Education Department. Congratulations, Greg!