Katie Nixon ’14 wrote, produced, and stars in her very own one-woman show, 52 Pickup. It is a musical about coping with trauma. It is a funny, hopeful, and emotional portrayal of a journey that finds beauty from pain. Katie said she started creating this show piece by piece, almost by accident. To learn more about it check out the website.

After Mercyhurst Prep, Katie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting with a minor in vocal performance from Penn State University. She graduated this past May. Throughout her time at PSU, she had created monologues for different courses that she took, and that is how the idea for 52 Pickup came about. Penn State University offers grants through an organization called the Student Engagement Network to fund projects that their students want to pursue. Katie was the recipient of one those grants, which made 52 Pickup possible for her. In April of 2018 it was created and she premiered the show at Penn State that December.

Her international tour began this past May in Canada, Windsor and then Ottawa. She performed at the Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival and at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, where she was awarded the Outstanding Solo Performance. She has since performed in Washington, D.C., at Capital Fringe and then returned to Ottawa for encore performances. She has performed locally at Penn State Behrend and PACA in downtown Erie. Katie also returned to Mercyhurst Prep to perform a slightly edited version of the show for the entire student body. It has been a wild ride and she may not be finished with it yet, possibly performing the show in NYC in the future. But what she has accomplished so far is pretty spectacular, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Katie.