About the Department

The mathematics department prepares students to cope with their futures. The curriculum is designed to give maximum competency for post high school academia.

Offering different levels of mathematics, we have designed a curriculum that will fit the needs of any student. Although the titles tend to be typical (Algebra I – Geometry – Algebra II) the courses will integrate other topics of math such as logical reasoning, measurement, probability, statistics, and real life applications.

About the Department Chair

Mrs. Paula Allshouse
Mrs. Paula AllshouseChair, Mathematics

Department Teaching Staff

Ms. Ashley Adamus
Ms. Ashley AdamusMathematics
Ms. Katrin Ayrapetov
Ms. Katrin AyrapetovMathematics
Ms. Karley Fitzgerald
Ms. Karley FitzgeraldMathematics
Mrs. Jennifer Ott
Mrs. Jennifer OttMathematics
Mrs. Mary Beth Whitford
Mrs. Mary Beth WhitfordMathematics