Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

Mercyhurst Preparatory School is a four-year co-educational Catholic secondary school founded by the Sisters of Mercy to prepare students from all religious and ethnic backgrounds for a successful, productive, and compassionate life in an ever-changing and interdependent world. A Mercyhurst Prep education is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ, the charism of Mercy, and a modeling of Judeo-Christian values. We strive for excellence in academic and co-curricular programs, we promote service to our local and global communities, and we foster the dedication and active support of the students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Mercyhurst community.

Watch the Video

Watch a video presentation of the MPS mission statement created by members of the Student Accreditation Advisory Board.

Belief Statements

We believe that:

  • God is the center of our existence and Christ is our model for truth and compassion.
  • Compassionate presence, justice, service, and concern for the dignity of all persons (the charism of our foundress, Catherine McAuley) are the foundation of our school and of a moral and enlightened society.
  • Positive moral and religious values lived out in ethical conduct and service are fundamental to an interdependent society.
  • All children can succeed in a positive educational environment.
  • Everyone has an obligation to offer his or her gifts in service to others.
  • Education is the responsibility of the entire community.
  • The dignity and worth of each individual must be recognized and valued.
  • The family is the most significant institution in society.
  • Understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity are critical to world peace and global harmony.
  • Lifelong learning is essential to the fulfillment of one’s potential in a changing, interdependent world.
  • Individual actions influence the world and its people.
  • Each person must assume stewardship of this planet.
  • Appreciation of the arts enlightens the human mind and spirit.
  • Intellectual honesty is the cornerstone of the academic community.
  • Those who have much are obliged to share their resources with those who have less.
  • The active pursuit of wellness enhances one’s quality of life.

The Mercy Charism Core Values

  • Compelled by Mercy
    • Compassion
    • Empathy
    • Responsibility to Serve
  • Educational Courage
    • Curiosity
    • Personal Accountability
    • Critical Thinking
  • Inspired by Faith
    • Spirituality
    • Modeling of Jesus Christ and Catherine McAuley
    • Ethical and Moral
  • Principled Leadership
    • Integrity
    • Life-long Learning
    • Emotional Intelligence
  • A Voice for Dignity and Respect
    • Grace
    • Advocate
    • Inclusivity