Mercyhurst Preparatory School Athletic Overview

By William Bengel

In researching this article, this first thing I discovered was that records for the pre-70s era are very sketchy. The Great Depression and World War II impacted on the information available in yearbooks and student newspapers. There just wasn’t enough money and materials to devote space to athletic accomplishments. Athletic programs had not yet reached the status afforded them in today’s society and therefore less attention was paid to the activities portion of the overall educational program. The school’s records on the ’50s and ’60s are also somewhat limited.

The second discovery coming from this research was that the athletic program at Mercyhurst Prep has come a long way since the days of the “Sems.”

Athletics Pre-1970

According to the yearbook, the 1929 basketball season was described as “the keenest in school history.” The team, coached by Mr. Frank Schwab, finished the season with a 7-4 record. The season highlight was a 35-3 victory over St. Edwards.

At the end of the ’30s, the Seminary’s athletic offerings included: tennis, swimming, volleyball, field hockey and basketball. Many of the games involved spirited competitions between classes and just a few competi