MPS Booster Group Guidelines: 2021 – 2022


  1. Each booster group exists to encourage and promote the program or activity they have organized to support.
  2. Booster groups uphold the Mission, Vision and Belief Statements of Mercyhurst Prep. These may be viewed on the MPS website.
  3. All athletic booster groups must operate within the established guidelines of state and national organizations which govern student participation in a given activity.  Links for PIAA regulations regarding recruiting, amateur status and awards are available at  In addition, please see the Athletic Recruiting section of this packet.
  4. Booster groups will not attempt to influence the moderator’s, coach’s or school’s philosophy or decision making.
  5. Please provide a list of current booster officers to Athletic Director Dan Perfetto.


  1. The school will provide rooms for regularly scheduled booster meetings from September through June, Monday through Friday, after school hours. Arrangements for all building use should be made in advance with:

Mrs. Allison Orlando
Call: 814.824.2323

  1. Booster groups must secure date approval for any event held on school premises.
  2. Use of the school facilities will be subject to a premises use agreement. Special events will require a certificate of insurance.
  3. Alcohol should not be available at any official booster function where students /children are present.
  4. Any speaker or entertainer secured for a booster event must be approved by school administration before contracts are signed. Please contact Joe Haas at 814.824.2313.
  5. Members of the school administration will be available to meet with the officers or executive committee members of any booster group. Requests for meetings should be made by calling:

Principal Mr. Tom Rinke
Call: 814.824.2474


  1. Tax letters will be issued by the school only to individuals or businesses that have made a donation to the school.
  2. Donations to booster groups do not meet IRS guidelines for charitable donations unless the booster group is an established 501©3.
  3. Refer to PA small games of chance procedures.
  4. Or diocesan website


To comply with PIAA regulations and in order to avoid printing errors, the use of obsolete logos or the need to reprint an item, the following guidelines must be followed by all booster groups:

  1. No brochures or printed programs may go to press until they are approved by Joe Haas, President. They should be submitted one week in advance. All printed publications could include one current, full-page, complimentary advertisement designed by the school.
  2. All apparel with logos or slogans must be approved by Dan Perfetto before the final order is placed. Please see MPS Identity Standards at If the members of the team wish to wear it as part of the uniform, this must be approved by Ms. Karlinchak.
  3. Booster groups may not use official school letterhead.
  4. MPS is the sole official producer of all school websites. At no time should the MPS name or its derivatives be used without the explicit permission of the school. (Joe Haas).
  5. Creation of a Facebook page/blog affiliated with MPS athletics must not be used for recruitment purposes, per the PIAA Constitution.


All MPS employees, volunteers, student/athletes, and spectators are required to act in accordance with the charism of Mercy, that is, to act with hospitality and concern for the dignity of all persons when attending athletic events.

  • Show RESPECT to the opposing team and APPRECIATION of their talents.
  • Support our team positively. CHEER FOR OUR TEAM, NOT AGAINST THE OPPOSING TEAM. Refrain from booing or any other negative display.
  • Show RESPECT FOR OFFICIALS AND COACHES and acceptance of their decisions.
  • Show CONCERN FOR INJURED PLAYERS, regardless of their team affiliation.
  • Be a GOOD AUDIENCE for performances by bands, cheerleaders, and other groups. Let them know that they are welcome and that their hard work is appreciated.
  • Be GOOD STEWARDS of the venue at which the contest is held. Dispose of all waste properly.
  • Be GRACIOUS regardless of victory or defeat.
  • Always represent the MARK of PRIDE and SPIRIT.


Student fans and other spectators at any MPS athletic event should:

  • Maintain silence during the National Anthem
  • Applaud during the introduction of players, coaches, and officials regardless of their affiliation
  • Applaud at the end of the contest for performances by all participants
  • Treat the competition as a contest, not a war
  • Positively support our team
  • Wear clothing that, while spirited, is appropriate for a school event. All students must wear shirts.
  • Not use disrespectful or derogatory cheers, chants, songs, or gestures
  • Not use cheers that antagonize opponents or fans of the opposing team
  • Not criticize officials
  • Not use profanity, obscene gestures, and/or obscene language while attending contests
  • Not attempt to provoke, intimidate, and/or berate coaches, contest officials, student-athletes, and/or other spectators
  • Not engage in any behavior that detracts from the contest
  • Not throw any object in the stands or on the field
  • Not interfere with any contests

Any spectator who evidences poor sportsmanship and/or behavior inconsistent with the MPS mission and sportsmanship policy and guidelines may be removed from a contest venue and may be prohibited from attending future contests. Students in violation may also incur disciplinary consequences.