Mercyhurst Preparatory School Identity Standards


This Identity Standard document is a valuable tool available to the entire MPS family. It provides guidelines for the visual articulation of the MPS brand, as well as specific directions for the application of our updated logo, new MPS Sub-brand mark and related elements. Please refer to this guide whenever you develop marketing communications and apparel.

Any questions regarding the Identity Standards and how they best represent MPS on apparel, printed and electronic materials should be directed to MPS Brand Manager, Michele Martin in the Marketing & Communications Office.  These standards are all-inclusive across the MPS family: the Brand Manager must approve exceptions.

For maximum clarity, we have established a vocabulary of terms matched to the brand element it represents. Familiarity with the following key terms will help you become fluent in the language of these guidelines.

Download our Identity Standard document (PDF format)


The sum impression derived from a consumer’s experience of MPS academics, arts, athletics, clubs, apparel, facilities, communications, and people.

Brand Promise

Mercyhurst Preparatory School is the region’s finest high school.  As a co-educational Mercy & Catholic community offering the only International Baccalaureate program in Northwest Pennsylvania, Mercyhurst Prep stands alone as Erie’s premier institute of learning.

Mercyhurst Prep graduates are confident, connected, humane leaders who succeed at the nation’s top colleges and universities, and beyond.

Graphic Identities

seal SEAL

The Mercyhurst Preparatory School seal is used for the most formal occasions, appearing on diplomas, formal invitations and ceremonial documents deemed appropriate by the Office of the President.  It is also used on our student uniforms, representing the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy and the strength in our Mercy charism and academic programs.  It may not be used as a graphic element without permission from Marketing & Communications.


colorlogoThe Master Logo is a unique set of visual symbols and typographic characters that form the MPS official emblem. Since the master logo is the common thread throughout MPS communications, it should be the starting point in the creation of all school marketing materials. Deliberate, consistent placement of the logo will establish the MPS name and institutional credence without distraction from your message. There are very specific guidelines regarding the use of the master logo.

As the primary graphic identity for MPS, the master logo should appear on all communications, including brochures, stationery, email signatures, business cards, and the MPS website.  On flyers, programs and apparel it can be replaced with the MPS sub-brand mark or Icon.

Place the master logo on the front cover or back cover of all printed promotional collateral materials intended for external audiences (prospective students, parents, etc.) and internal audiences.

Whenever possible, the master logo should appear in the MPS green and black. It should never be represented in any other colors. Always insist upon accurate color matching, as poorly matched colors will weaken the impact and effectiveness of our logo.


If reproduction constraints prevent the use of color (MPS Green), use one of the optional black-and-white versions of the logo: all-black or reverse.


The master logo is an important visual element in identifying MPS and should be treated as artwork, not as typography that can be edited.

Always keep Mercyhurst Preparatory School as the primary and only message within the master logo.

  • DO NOT add elements to the logo.
  • DO NOT manipulate the logo in any way.


Font selection is a key component in the creation of successful communications. Typography should work in concert with the overall design, photography, and editorial writing to help describe and define the MPS brand. Since our intention is to depict MPS as a 21st-century school that is based in tradition, confident, diverse, and dynamic, choosing the right style of type is critical. There are many fonts available, but we recommend that you use:

Myriad (san serif) & Garamond (serif)

Color plays a meaningful role in memory recall. It stimulates the senses, instantly conveying a message like no other communication method and sets a brand’s identity more easily than other elements.  The MPS green should appear on all printed materials and never be substituted in any of the school marks. As much as possible, the apparel colors you choose should complement MPS green, but when using a canvas that does not use one of the optional black-and-white versions of the logo: all-black or reverse.


PMS #343 Green

Four color process = C 98%, M 0, Y 72%, K 61%


  • DO use clean and classic faces, with a preference for sans-serif fonts.
  • DO NOT use fonts that are overly stylized including comic sans.
  • DO NOT use MPS green for text color.
  • DO NOT use type with drop shadows.
  • DO NOT use outline type.
  • DO use italicized styles sparingly.
  • DO use Mercyhurst Prep or MPS when referring to our school.
  • DO NOT use Mercyhurst without Prep.


mlogoA simplified, “quick-read” version of the school identity, which should be the mark that most easily identifies the school on apparel, electronic media and in the community.  A school icon is used to graphically identify the school on athletic uniforms and should be included on all spirit wear (however small).  Any apparel should include the icon and whenever possible it should be represented in MPS Green and white.  The Icon Mark can be used as a replacement for the master logo on printed communications. However, the master logo should appear on all print collateral in a secondary position, e.g., the back cover.  On flyers the Icon Mark can stand alone.

The Icon Mark must be treated as a unit and should not be modified or changed.  The mark configurations can accommodate a specific club or sport, i.e., M Lakers, M Arts, M Swimming.  Whenever possible, the Icon Mark should be printed in two colors: MPS green and white. Always insist upon accurate color matching, as poorly matched colors will weaken the impact and effectiveness of our logo. In rare cases it can be represented in other colors: Brand Manager, Michele Martin, must approve all exceptions.


  • DO use the Icon Mark on apparel.
  • DO use the Icon Mark as a replacement for the master logo on printed communications.
  • DO NOT use the Icon Mark and master logo together.
  • DO NOT separate the elements of the Icon Mark.
  • DO use the reverse Mark on green.
  • DO use an all-white or all-black Mark where appropriate.
  • DO NOT redraw or retype the logo. It will be difficult to match the official specifications.


  • DO use Mercyhurst Prep or MPS.
  • DO NOT use Mercyhurst without Prep.