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From the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, Anastasia is the story of a brave young woman attempting to discover the mystery of her past while finding a place for herself in the rapidly changing world of a new century.

Set amidst the turmoil of the Russian revolution with the Bolshevik regime on the rise, Anya, an amnesiac orphan stranded in what was once the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, is on a quest to rediscover her past, which she believes lies in Paris. Along the way, she meets an adventurous conman, Dimitry, and an ex-aristocrat, Vladimir, who want to use Anya to fool the only remaining Romanov, Dowager Empress Marie, into believing that Anya is the lost Anastasia. The three escape to Paris with a determined Soviet officer on their heels.

Including classic songs from the motion picture like “Journey to the Past” and “Once Upon a December,” Anastasia explores one determined girl’s journey to find home, love, and family as she discovers who she was and embraces who she is meant to be.

All performances will take place in the Mercyhurst Prep Performing Arts Center, located at 538 East Grandview Blvd.

The Cast

Role(s) Cast Member
Anastasia (Anya) Amanda Brown* ‘22
Dmitry Alex Wojcik* ‘22
Vlad Popov Ben Kucharski* 22
Gleb Vaganov Robbie Mailliard* ‘22
The Dowager Empress Norah Dana* ‘22
Lily Ava Gardner* ’23
Male Swing, Tsar Nicholas II, drunk #1, Count Ipolitav Rowan Weislogel* 22
Male Swing, Cadet #1, Black Marketer #2, drunk #2, Count Leopold A.J. Reitz* ‘22
Male Swing, Cadet #2, 2nd Man, Black Marketer #3, drunk #3, exiled Russian Eugene Barretta* ’23
Male Swing, Cadet #3, Bass solo, drunk #4, Gorlinsky Aaron Jung* ‘22
Male Swing, Cadet #4, 1st Man, Black Marketer #1, Count Gregory Paul Pelkowski* ‘23
Female Swing, Countess Gregory Rachel Ahrens* ‘22
Female Swing, 2nd Woman Mia Anderson* ‘22
Female Swing, Solo Woman Molly Sawdey* ‘22
Female Swing, 1st Woman Ellie Welsh* ‘22
Female Swing, Street Sweeper #1 Claire Hornbeck* ‘23
Female Swing, Street Sweeper #2 Maggie Gallagher* ’23
Female Swing, Tsarina Alexandra Maria Finazzo* ‘22
Olga Romanov Brooke Butler ’22
Titiana Romanov Ashley Jarmolowicz ’22
Maria Romanov Ainsley Moyer ’22
Imperial Dancer Maddie Krafty ’22
Dunya Taylor Wojcik* ‘24
Marfa Kathleen Reddinger* ’24
Paukina Eden Dorta* ‘25
Young Anastasia TBA
Alexei Romanov Luca Pelkowski
Police Officer #1 Santiago Amat ’23
Police Officer #2 Pedro Amat ’23
Sergei Paul Gress* ’23

*denotes present or pending International Thespian Society Troupe #2780 membership 

Russian Citizens, Parisians, Reporters

Joseph Althof ’24, Pedro Amat ’23, Santiago Amat ’23, Delaney Anderson ’25, Samantha Baumgratz ’24, Isabella Bruni ’23, R.J. Bryant ’22, Lamere Byrd ’22, Samantha Cagara ’24, Abby Desser ’24, Chloe DiFranco* ’24, Eden Dorta* ’25, Mary Clare Gallagher* ’25, Ben Greissinger ’22, Paul Gress* ’23, Abbigail Holmes* ’24, Alyssa Kehl ’23, Kirsten Kneidinger ’23, Kendra Kucharski ’25, Rachel Kunco* ’23, Katie Kunik ’25, James Kya