Thirty-three of our students competed against 13 other high schools from western Pennsylvania in the Slippery Rock University language competition.

We are proud to announce that Mercyhurst Prep won the competition, receiving 1st Place Overall in French and 1st Place for each level of study in French. The Lakers also took 1st Place Overall in Spanish, 1st Place in levels 3 and 4, and 2nd Place in level 2.

All students who participated in the competition contributed to our success and the language department is very proud of their hard work and accomplishment.

Those students who received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place are:

French level 2:
Thomas Russell (1st) – oral comprehension
Henley Spracklen (2nd) – language
Anna Czulewicz (2nd) – oral comprehension

French level 3:
Sophia Stefanovski (1st) – language
Fabrice Nizyigihe Ngabo (1st) – culture, oral comprehension
Austin Shaffer (2nd) – culture
Ryan Boorum (2nd) – language

French level 4:
Elizabeth Rathburn (1st) – language
Amanda Simmons (1st) – culture
Lauren Ganger (1st) – oral comprehension
Brennan Staaf (3rd) – language

Spanish level 2:
David DeFelice (1st) – culture
Molly Manafo (2nd) – language

Spanish level 3:
Ashley Khouri (1st) – language
Yanjun Pan (2nd) – language
Xavier Zonna (2nd) – culture

Spanish level 4:
Conor Banta (1st) – language
Kevin Tremper (1st) – oral comprehension
Audrey Bell (2nd) – culture

Kudos also to our language faculty including Angela Henao-Taylor, Cindy Comstock, Maria Carroll, Daniela Vassileva and Colleen Olinger.