Performing Arts Department: Scholarships

Scholarship auditions for the Performing Arts Department will be held Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

For more information, visit our admissions section for complete details about the admissions process, including schedules and deadlines.

Audition Requirements (Incoming 9th Graders ONLY)

The following are the Performing Arts audition requirements for incoming 9th graders:


Students are asked to prepare, with their own voice or instrument, two pieces, sections of pieces, or one single piece that has contrasting sections. The total duration of these works must range between 6 to 8 minutes. Please also include a short biography covering your background in music. Included with this letter you will find some suggestions on ways to create and submit a video.

All students should display technical ability and musical expression. Your selections do not need to be memorized. The most important thing is to relax, feel comfortable and show us what you can do!

Any student who auditions needs to be aware that the acceptance of scholarship monies obligates that student to be a member of one of the school’s year-long music ensembles pertaining to your particular talent. e.g. instrument = orchestra, voice = Show Choir (per audition) or Concert Choir (per audition).

Dramatic Arts

Students interested in Dramatic Arts (acting) should prepare at minimum a two-minute monologue. If you are interested in Musical Theatre (acting/singing) you should perform a one-minute monologue and also sing a song of your choosing. You should also submit a list that tells what theatre productions you have been in, where, when, and who directed them. Included with this letter you will find some suggestions on ways to create and submit a video.

Judging will be based on an ability to create a character and deliver an accurate vocal interpretation of the piece. Memorization is not a requirement but it is a good professional habit to acquire. The most importa