Paul’s Surprising Hit Song Adventure

Paul Smith ’78, referred to as McPaul Smith in the television-writing world, can now say he has a hit song. At the end of May and beginning of June, a song that he co-wrote, “Castaways,” was #1 on Spotify and YouTube for about a week. This was intriguing to Paul because “Castaways” was written back in 2003 when he was head writer and lyricist for the animated preschool series The Backyardigans. The song was recently made popular through the video-sharing app TikTok when teens and young adults started creating dances to some of The Backyardigans’ songs. “Castaways” went viral, and, while completely unexpected, Paul can now say that 18 years later, he wrote a hit song! Actually, he can say he wrote two hits because in addition to “Castaways” he wrote the song, “Into the Thick of It,” also from The Backyardigans, which has taken off on TikTok as well. Chances are, if you scroll through the app for just a few minutes, you will hear a video made to one of these songs. Learn more about Paul’s incredible success as a lyricist, screenwriter, and producer for numerous popular children’s television shows!