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Mr. Arthur Martone
Mr. Arthur Martone

About the Performing Arts Department

The arts provide one of the essential and basic languages that extend the range of communication.  Through this language we express our fears, dreams, curiosities, hopes, and discoveries.  Such expression is a central force in human existence. Literacy in the arts for all students centers on the idea that each of the arts functions as a tool for creative expression as well as for the development of higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

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About Mr. Martone

2005 MPS Outstanding Faculty Service Award recipient
2009 Golden Apple Award recipient
2011 MPS Distinguished Alumni Service Award recipient

Teaching Staff

Miss Kara Grise
Miss Kara GrisePerforming Arts
Mrs. Maryanne Mager-Dombrowski
Mrs. Maryanne Mager-DombrowskiPerforming Arts
Mr. Michael Miele
Mr. Michael MielePerforming Arts
Mr. David Mitchell
Mr. David MitchellPerforming Arts