Accessing Schoology

Students: From the Schoology app, log in with the following credentials:

  1. Open the Schoology app on the iPad
  2. Choose the item for Mercyhurst Preparatory School that includes and a little green dot in the school description. You will see the Microsoft login screen.
  3. Log in using your school email address and password.
  4. When provided with the option to remain logged in, choose ‘yes’ and tap the ‘don’t show this again’ box.
To log in from a PC, go to and enter the same email/password credentials as you did on the iPad.
Parents: Go to and enter your username and password.
Need an account? You should have received a letter that explains how to access and use Schoology. This letter also contains an access code for your child. Missing an access code? Please send an email to Ms. Kristin Lynch at with the following information:
  1. your name
  2. your child’s name and graduation year
  3. email address and password you would like to use