About the Department

The science and engineering program at MPS is designed to aid the student in learning scientific principles and problem solving in a continually changing world.  The courses offered allow students to develop both practical and theoretical knowledge in the major disciplines.

About the Department Chair

Mrs. Jane Fisher
Mrs. Jane FisherChair, Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  • 2010 American Chemical Society Excellence in High School Chemistry award
  • 2007 Golden Apple Teacher award
  • Advisor, National Honor Society

Department Teaching Staff

Mr. Matt Esmond
Mr. Matt EsmondScience
Miss Sarah Gdaniec
Miss Sarah GdaniecScience
Mrs. Ashley Griffith
Mrs. Ashley GriffithScience
Ms. Kathryn Swanson
Ms. Kathryn SwansonScience
Mrs. Theresa Wyman
Mrs. Theresa WymanScience