About the Department

The social studies department provides an interdisciplinary approach to the social sciences, emphasizing global education. The major goal of the department is to help our students develop the values, the knowledge, and the skills that they need to become productive, proactive, and concerned citizens of the 21st century. Four years of social studies core curriculum courses are required for graduation. (Seniors who qualify may fulfill the fourth year requirement by taking a social studies course at the college.) Students also are encouraged to take additional electives to broaden their knowledge in the field of social studies.

About the Department Chair

Mr. Doug Bakka
Mr. Doug BakkaChair, Social Studies
  • B.S. in Business Administration from John Carroll University
  • Secondary Social Studies Certification from Mercyhurst University
  • Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
  • Over 20 years at Mercyhurst Preparatory School
  • Circle of Mercy Inductee

Department Teaching Staff

Dr. Jamie Borowicz
Dr. Jamie BorowiczSocial Studies
Mrs. Nicole Brugger
Mrs. Nicole BruggerSocial Studies
Mr. Seth Hartmann
Mr. Seth HartmannSocial Studies
Mrs. Deborah Kooser
Mrs. Deborah KooserSocial Studies
Mr. Ryan Maloney
Mr. Ryan MaloneySocial Studies
Mr. Art Martone
Mr. Art MartoneSocial Studies