Staff Directory

Listing of our staff directory by department. You can also view an alphabetical listing of our staff directory.

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Alyson Amendola
Mrs. Alyson AmendolaCommunications Director
Mr. Sean Baer
Mr. Sean BaerTechnology Director
Mrs. Grace Bliley
Mrs. Grace BlileyAdministrative Assistant
Mrs. Marcia DiTullio
Mrs. Marcia DiTullioDirector of Admissions
Mrs. Paula Dworakowski
Mrs. Paula DworakowskiAttendance
Mrs. Joanne Sacco Ganger
Mrs. Joanne Sacco GangerLibrarian
Mrs. Michelle Intrieri
Mrs. Michelle IntrieriAdmissions
Mrs. Deborah Laughlin
Mrs. Deborah LaughlinInternational Program Director
Ms. Kristin Lynch
Ms. Kristin LynchiPad | Online Services Director
Mrs. Pam Magerle
Mrs. Pam MagerleSpirit Store Manager
Mrs. Michele Martin
Mrs. Michele MartinGraphic Design
Mrs. Lisa Nietupski
Mrs. Lisa NietupskiAdvancement Director
Mr. Daniel Perfetto
Mr. Daniel PerfettoAthletics Director
Mrs. Lyn Potalivo
Mrs. Lyn PotalivoEvents Coordinator
Ms. Allison Rosatti
Ms. Allison RosattiDirector of Alumni Relations
Mrs. Jo Ann Simonelli
Mrs. Jo Ann SimonelliFinance
Mrs. Tina Spano
Mrs. Tina SpanoAthletics

Guidance & Support Staff

Mrs. Katherine Eckendorf
Mrs. Katherine EckendorfAct 89 Math Support
Mr. Gary Froehlich
Mr. Gary FroehlichChair, Guidance, Sophomore Class
Mr. Tim Hurst
Mr. Tim HurstGuidance, Freshmen
Mrs. Britt Schumacher
Mrs. Britt SchumacherGuidance, Junior Class
Mrs. Kerry Sedelmyer
Mrs. Kerry SedelmyerGuidance, Senior Class
Mrs. Amy Willey
Mrs. Amy WilleyAct 89 Language Arts Support

English & Communications

Mrs. Megan Fluegel
Mrs. Megan FluegelEnglish
Mr. Michael Miele
Mr. Michael MieleEnglish
Mrs. Deborah Swanson
Mrs. Deborah SwansonEnglish
Ms. Bridget Whalen
Ms. Bridget WhalenEnglish
Mrs. Nicole Wojciechowski
Mrs. Nicole WojciechowskiChair, English


Ms. Ashley Adamus
Ms. Ashley AdamusMathematics
Ms. Katrin Ayrapetov
Ms. Katrin AyrapetovMathematics
Mrs. Paula Allshouse
Mrs. Paula AllshouseChair, Mathematics