Technology & Business Department

Mr. Charles Stachera
Mr. Charles StacheraDepartment Chair
Technology & Business

About the Technology & Business Department

The technology & business department strives to provide students with the opportunity to take courses that will prepare them to integrate technology not only into their learning but also into their daily lives. Skills learned in computer classes will enable students to make authentic use of technology across the curriculum as a part of the learning process and will prepare them for a productive role in society and the workplace.

Course Descriptions: Technology & Business
Modern Coding Class Page [Mrs. Corso]

About Mr. Stachera

Mathematics teacher, 22 years
Network administrator, 14 years
MPS Academic Council member
Teacher of the Year Award
Outstanding Service to MPS Award

Teaching Staff

Mr. Sean Baer
Mr. Sean BaerTechnology Department
Mrs. Teresa Corso
Mrs. Teresa CorsoTechnology Department
Miss Kara Grise
Miss Kara GriseBusiness Department
Ms. Kristin Lynch
Ms. Kristin LynchTechnology Department