MPS 2018-19 Track & Field Team
Running, jumping, and throwing are the focus of this intense outdoor sport for girls and boys. Mercyhurst Prep is proud each season to produce several District 10 and PIAA state qualifiers. Whether it is running distance or sprints, long or high jumping, throwing the discus and javelin, or putting the shot, every Laker has a chance to compete, have fun and become part of a spirited team. Get to the starting line and be a part of this great group of student-athletes.

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Schedule & Results

Date Time Opponent Venue Results
April 09
4:00 p.m. @ North East High School North East High School  
April 13
TBA @ Harborcreek High School
(Harborcreek Invitational)
Harborcreek High School  
April 16
4:00 p.m. @ Girard High School Girard High School  
April 24
4:00 p.m. @ Iroquois Junior/Senior High School Iroquois Junior/Senior High School  
April 24
4:00 p.m. @ Harborcreek High School Iroquois Junior/Senior High School  
April 27
TBA @ McDowell High School
(McDowell Invitational)
McDowell High School  
April 30
4:00 p.m. @ Northwestern Senior High School Fairview High School  
April 30
4:00 p.m. @ Fairview High School Fairview High School  
May 03 @
TBA @ Baldwin High School
(Baldwin Invitational)
Baldwin High School  
May 04
TBA @ North East High School
(Northeast Invitational)
North East High School  
May 09
4:00 p.m. @ Meadville High School Meadville High School  


Name Grade
Anthony Altadonna 9
Connor Coughlin 9
John Kerner 9
Scott Coughenour 12
Jonah Karney 12
Jarod Walworth 9
Laina Finazzo 9
Amber Torrance 9
Jeff Giannelli 9
Brandon First 11
Desmar Polk 11
Jacob Hanks 10
Dylan Schley 10
Nick Ganger 12
Morgan Delanko 11
Nina Mangini 9
Ben Guild 11
Nathan Habursky 9
Peter Zimmerman 9
Ian Baker 10
Nate Helsley 10
Jacquelyn Giannelli 12
Laura Lintleman 12
Lauren Habursky 11
Mary Vincent 11
Elizabeth Kerner 12
Jillian Ball 10
Emily Marcin 10
Logan Dimperio 11
Hanfu Hou 9
Andrew Snavely 10
Hayley Willis 10
Lindsay Nelligan 12
Stephen Kehl 11
Felix Bush 10
Niall Sweeney 12
Isaiah Johnson 11
Jason Lawrence 11
Miranda Bly 10
Ashlee Bandsidhar 10
Stephen Zhoe 11


Mr. David StolarHead Coach
Mr. Nick Stolar MPS '07Assistant Coach
Mrs. Rebekah StolarAssistant Coach
Mr. Rich KraftyAssistant Coach