MPS Uniform & Dress Code

The present uniform colors are grey, white, and green.  The supplier of skorts, slacks, shirts, and shorts is Schoolbelles. Our school code is S2904.

Order Uniforms

 By phone @ 888.637.3037

Uniform & Dress Code Policy

Required at all times:

  • Grey slacks or skirt of modest length – no shorter than 4 inches above the knee (available from Schoolbelles only).  Slacks must be hemmed so that they do not drag on the floor and they may not have split seams.
  • One of the following:
    1. Ironed white oxford cloth shirt with white buttons and buttoned down collar, long sleeved or short sleeved (available from Schoolbelles and elsewhere)
    2. White knit or green polo shirt with MPS logo, long sleeved or short sleeved available from Schoolbelles
    3. A plain black or brown belt must be worn on all days, with any pair of slacks manufactured with belt loops
    4. Only a plain white turtleneck or tee shirt may be worn under the oxford cloth or polo shirts. Long sleeved turtlenecks or tees may not be worn under short sleeved polos or oxfords
  • Socks
  • Girls are required to wear solid grey or black tights with skirts from October 15 to April 1.  During the remaining months white, grey, or black solid color knee or crew socks may be worn.
  • Boys are required to wear white, grey, or black solid color crew socks.
  • Athletic socks may not be worn with the uniform (ankle bones should be covered).
  • Shoes:  a closed toe shoe in condition of good repair.  Boots and sneakers may NOT be worn as part of the uniform.

On designated days during the school year, students are asked to wear their dress uniforms, which consist of the slacks/skirts, belts, shoes, and socks as described above.  The only changes are:

  • ONLY white oxford cloth shirts may be worn; no polo shirts.
  • Green or plaid MPS tie (available from Schoolbelles or from the MPS bookstore) must be worn.
  • Although not required, the only sweaters that may be worn with the dress uniform are:
    1. Green cardigan with MPS logo available from Schoolbelles)
    2. Green v-neck sweater with MPS logo (available from Schoolbelles)


  • Green cardigan with MPS logo (available from Schoolbelles only).
  • Green v-neck sweater with MPS logo (available from Schoolbelles only).
  • Green crew-neck sweatshirt (available only from the MPS bookstore).
  • Dark (hunter) green collared or crew neck sweatshirt with white lettering representing the school, an MPS team or an MPS activity.  The sweatshirt may not have a hood or a pouch and may not be ripped or torn.  All designs must be approved by the MPS administration.  This sweatshirt may not be worn on dress uniform days. An oxford cloth shirt or a uniform polo shirt must be worn at all times, even when wearing any of the school sweaters or sweatshirts.
  • Navy blue shorts (may be worn before Oct. 15 and after April 1) (available only from Schoolbelles)
  • Solid navy blue socks,  only worn with shorts(available from Schoolbelles and elsewhere)

Letter to Parents

Dear MPS Parents/Guardians:

As we approach the end of this school year, I wanted to let you know that there have been some slight updates to the school uniform, as well as a change in the uniform provider for the upcoming school year 2019-20.

Schoolbelles is now the company that will supply our uniform needs. Schoolbelles has headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a family-owned business with over sixty years of success. Their uniform products carry a lifetime guarantee and are designed to meet all your expectations in quality and value. In addition, Schoolbelles offers a loyalty program, layaway, and various sales throughout the school year.

The uniform changes will take place with the incoming freshman class of 2023; however, please know that you are free to add new pieces to the current uniform, as the overall color scheme of hunter green and gray will remain the same with some new options. The girls will now have a two-pleat skort instead of the A-line skirt, and a green polo will be an option for both girls and boys, as will banded (fitted) bottom polos, a new tie, and softer sweaters.

Once again, please note that the plan is to phase in these new changes with the freshman class. If your daughter’s or son’s current uniform from Flynn and O’Hara is still in good condition, he or she may continue to wear it.

Schoolbelles will be at Mercyhurst Prep on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, from 1:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. if you are interested in coming for fitting and/or ordering uniform pieces. Please note that if you come to the uniform fitting and place an order, you will receive free shipping on your order! If you are unable to attend the fitting on June 5, you may order online at using our MPS school code, which is S2904. You may also order by phone at 1.888.637.3037.

Here is a link to the buying/pricing guide:

If you have any questions about the uniform or new options, please do not hesitate to contact me at 824.2405 or

Sincerely in mercy,

Brenda Karlinchak
Assistant Principal/Dean of Students