Visual Arts Department

Mrs. Lindsey Edwards
Mrs. Lindsey EdwardsChair, Visual Arts

About the Visual Arts Department

The arts provide one of the essential and basic languages that extend the range of communication. Through this language we express our fears, dreams, curiosities, hopes, and discoveries. Such expression is a central force in human existence. Literacy in the arts for all students centers on the idea that each of the arts functions as a tool for creative expression as well as for the development of higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

Course Descriptions: Visual Arts

About Mrs. Edwards

Mercyhurst Prep class of 2004
BS in Art Education and BFA in Painting from Penn State University
2015 Erie Art Museum Spring Show participant
Has exhibited work locally since 2009

Teaching Staff

Ms. Bridget Allen
Ms. Bridget AllenVisual Arts
Dr. Jamie Borowicz
Dr. Jamie BorowiczVisual Arts
Mr. David Schroeck
Mr. David SchroeckVisual Arts