Zulama Distance Learning Courses

zulamaAt Mercyhurst Prep, Lakers have the opportunity to take Zulama online courses geared to keep pace with innovative technology and next generation learning tools.

Educational outcomes achieved in Zulama courses include collaboration, critical thinking, written communication, technology fluency, and career and college preparation.

The Zulama menu of courses is an outgrowth of Carnegie Mellon University’s entertainment technology program, and offers Lakers the opportunity to study relevant topics via an engaging platform. Online Zulama courses include:

  • Games Through the Ages
  • Intro to 3D Modeling for Video Games
  • Intro to Games Programming I
  • Intro to Games Programming II
  • Mobile App and Game Design
  • 3D Textures for Video Games
  • Geometry and Architecture
  • Horror: Read it, Write it
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Modern Storytelling
  • The Vietnam War: An Inquiry Investigation
  • The Bill of Rights: What Every Teen Should Know About the Law
  • Media Fluency
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Communications

Zulama was selected because of the excellent nature of the curriculum and the fact that the technology classes were created and sometimes taught by the same professors who are involved in the entertainment technology and games academy at Carnegie Mellon University. Please note that additional fees may apply.