Campus Ministry

A Laker shows concern for the dignity of all others and learns the charism of Mercy through the examples set by the faculty, administrators, coaches, classmates and parents in the Mercyhurst Prep community.

A spirit of gracious hospitality encourages Lakers to participate in Campus Ministry, which fosters worship, community building and orientation to justice and compassionate service to others. Mercyhurst Prep is blessed to have both a Chaplain, a full-time Campus Minister, and a Community Service Learning Coordinator. Each year Mercyhurst Prep provides 30,000 hours of service to the Erie community.

Lakers find diverse events across the Campus Ministry Calendar. From planning and participating in school liturgies to daily mass and prayer, fellowship events, retreats, mission trips and service opportunities, Campus Ministry at MPS is here to offer you a place to belong and to get involved.

About Campus Ministry @ MPS

“Campus Ministry is the wedding feast at Cana, where we celebrate and some begin ministry. It is the home of Mary and Martha, where we can sit at the feet of Jesus. It is our school kitchen table, where we come together to spend time, share ideas, and be together. CM is a place for you.”
Hannah Tatar, Campus Minister

St. Joseph of Arimathea Society of Mercyhurst Preparatory School


@ 2014 Mercyhurst Preparatory School, Todd Scalise/Higherglyphics

Obedient to the Gospel command to love our neighbor, and in the tradition of the Mercy Core Values, the St. Joseph of Arimathea Society seeks to do the following:

  • To affirm the value and dignity of every human being, especially at the time of death.
  • To be a compassionate presence to those who mourn.
  • To provide pallbearer services free of charge to those in need.
  • To honor and pray for the dead.

The St. Joseph of Arimathea Society is a ministry of Mercyhurst Prep’s campus ministry and is open to any young man currently attending the school.

Pallbearer services are offered to those who have died indigent or alone or simply have few remaining relatives or friends.

Our mission is to provide compassion, prayer, hope, and love in a time of death and mourning.  Please contact Fr. Steve Schreiber for more information.