Service Hours

Students will be awarded 0.25 credits for Term 2 on a pass/fail basis by successfully completing every service requirement.  Please return the completed verification form to your Theology teacher on your first Theology class period on or immediately following February 1.  Meeting the deadline, properly completing the form, doing appropriate service and having all necessary verification information will insure that a student earns a passing grade.  If you do not complete your service, you will not be permitted to take part in school social activities until you return a completed service form to Ms. Zimmerman and it is verified. You will also be given one (1) demerit for each day your paper is late. PLEASE DO NOT include your service paper with the important papers packet that you receive at the beginning of the year. If you are late handing in your service verification paper, give it to Mrs. Paula Dworakowski in the Attendance Office. Questions about service can be sent by e-mail to

Service Requirements

Your service may be done for any non-profit organization.  A non-profit has tax-free status and has an IRS 501©3 number.  Non-profits usually fall into one of the following groups:  arts, culture, humanities; education; environment and animals; health; human services; hunger and homelessness; international, foreign affairs; social welfare and advocacy; religion related; charities; programs for aging people; and community or school athletic programs.

Looking for service opportunities? This local Erie website has information on non-profit organizations and their need for volunteer help. The Get Connected website is a great place to find the perfect service project for you in Erie:

You may not count service projects done as a class requirement.  You may not be excused from school to do your service.

Helping a family member is not community service unless there are extraordinary circumstances. This must be approved BEFORE you begin the service.

Babysitting for an individual family is NOT community service.

Volunteering to work without pay for a regular business (i.e. dentist office, auto dealership, bank, retail stores, hair salons etc.) cannot be counted as community service for any reason.

You must complete all sections of this form and follow the service requirements to receive a passing grade for service.  PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY IN INK If your paper is unreadable, it will not be accepted.